Social Media Guide

A guide to setting up your LinkedIn profile and using social media for prospecting and engagement.

Table of Contents

A. Profile Photo

Make sure you have a quality headshot.

B. Background Banner

Images below can be used for your personal profile or company page.

C. Headline & About Section

In addition to your name and photo, the headline section is highly visible and an opportunity to stand out. Because you’re not looking for a job, the focus of your LinkedIn page should shift to servicing your customers and providing value. The Headline and About section should be used to communicate:

  • Value you can provide  
  • Problems you solved
  • What territory you service
  • Relevant experience 
  • Call to action with “Learn more” or “Schedule meeting” with your contact information (phone and email)

Connecting Existing Contacts

Sync your email to find connections on LinkedIn. This also exposes you to their network.

D. LinkedIn for Prospecting

Identifying Prospects

Identifying Prospects

  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Yearly Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Location
  • Safety Managers
  • Process engineers
  • Environmental
  • Compliance


  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Yearly Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Location


  • Personalized, relevant message, Very short


  • Targeted companies
  • Use web leads reports – emailed
  • Tradeshows
    • Connect with people before (preshow list)
      and after from collected business cards 
  • Leads that come in or assigned to you
  • Associations and membership lists

Lead Methodology

  1. Connect
  2. Try to get a meeting
    • If not…
      • Schedule 5-minute, get email to send meeting invite
      • Get physical address to mail brochure
      • Follow up periodically to try to get a meeting
  3. Follow up periodically with content to stay top of mind.
FollowUp Schedule
Lead Methodology

Strategies > Once Connected

Thanking for Connecting
Find the right person

Always Include an Ask (Almost)

Nearly every communication should include some kind of ask or call to action.

Ideas include:

  • In your area and would like to meet
  • Set up a Lunch and Learn for your team
  • Complimentary safety assessment
  • Drop off or mail brochure or other materials
  • Treat your team to donuts


Use LinkedIn Groups

  • Send message without being connected
  • Expand your reach and network
  • Comment, contribute & be supportive
  • Get Industry insights
  • Make posts to showcase your expertise
    • Tips – short, helpful
    • Relevant articles or other content

Finding Groups ​

  • Join groups of your ideal buyers, regional within your territory
  • Groups of 20 – 100 for creating relationships
  • Larger groups for identifying prospects and connecting
  • Make sure to follow any rules that are posted for the group. You can get kicked if your posts are too salesy or you only make sales-related posts.
Message without connection
groups of colleagues and prospects

Staying In Touch

Newsfeed Fishing

  • User posts provide opportunities to connect with people in your network

Event Based

  • When person is featured, interviewed or given an award, send a supportive message

Event Based

  • Send ErectaStep articles or interesting posts in a direct message. 

Playing the long game

Nurture prospects by forming relationships

  • Birthday greetings
  • Work anniversaries
  • Promotions
  • New jobs (but still relevant)
Also Comment, Share or Like

Also Comment, Share or Like

Event Based
Share in a Message

E. Content

Content Type

  • Posts
    • Short comments/tips (text only)
    • Image of installation or product with a comment/description
    • Linking to articles on erectastep website
    • Thought leadership articles
  • Reposts of someone else’s content
  • Comments on someone else’s post
  • Liking someone else’s’ post

Posts and Articles

What kind of content should you post?

  1. Installation images
  2. Articles from website
  3. Share company news
  4. Stories about co-workers, awards and recognition
  5. Repost interesting posts from your network
  6. Customer stories/case studies
  7. Articles from industry publications and associations
  8. Summarize an article you read related to safety
  9. Write an article


  • Share your connections’ posts 
    • Summarize the point of the article from your perspective or praise an achievement posted by a customer
  • Comment on or like your prospects’ posts (every little bit helps)

Content Marketing


  1. Follow hashtags
  2. Include @ and # hashtags in post

Use and Follow:

Others to include:
#fallprevention #fallprotection #workplacesafety #osha
(use other hashtags to be relevant)

Use @ to mention people (customers)

linkedin search

Thought Leadership


  1. Write an original article

    • Tips
    • Trends
    • Case studies
    • Lists (most common..)
    • 200-500 words

    Summarize existing article from your perspective*

*Cite source


Add a call to action at the end

Feel free to contact me to discuss OSHA compliant solutions for your business at or (843) 264-3729

Do No Harm…

  1. Fact Check
    If unsure, omit specifics and fact check.
  2. Misspell or use poor grammar
    Typos will happen, use spell check and Grammarly. Bad grammar is a poor reflection on the company and makes you look unprofessional.
  3. Get political
    Use Facebook for this
  4. Avoid religion
    …but it is OK to wish people Merry Christmas or give other holiday greetings (Thanksgiving, New Year’s, etc.).
  5. Post about competitors
    Always check photos and posts for inadvertently including competing products.
  6. Share any confidential information
    …about products, people, or policies.

Resources & Support

  • Content – Already written articles, posts, images
      • erectrastep website
      • Follow #erectastep on LinkedIn and repost the company’s content
  • Research prospects using Sales Navigator – Contact inside sales support 
  • Write original articles – contract labor (,
  • Cold/Warm email campaigns and follow up – (free for up to 2000 contacts)
  • Finding prospects’ emails – 
erectastep article