New - Universal Safety Grip Handle

YellowGrip universal grip handles for ladders, truck grab rails, access platforms, and much more.
YellowGrip’s universal design allows fast and easy installation in a wide variety of applications. Strong cast aluminum provides an enhanced level of safety for your entire fleet and facility. 

  • Strong die-cast aluminum
  • Adds an extra layer of safety
  • In Stock & Ready To Ship
  • Attaches quickly to a wide variety of handrails and grab rails
  • Simple bolt-on installation
Catalogs and brochures

With catalogs, brochures, and sales slicks available you can explain and show how ErectaStep can be modeled to fit almost any cross over or platform need. Illustrate the idea and sell product quickly and easily with a library of print materials at your fingertips.

We’re On The Road!

Discover the endless possibilities ErectaStep has to offer with a hands-on look at a complete ErectaStep configuration as well as a RollaStep TR-series and a YellowGate, the Universal Safety Gate. With over 20 trucks roaming across the U.S., you can offer your client the experience of seeing and using the product ahead of purchase. Contact us to schedule an on-site demo for your potential customer. 

  • Dealer Starter Kit
  • Multichannel – Integrated Campaign
  • Search Engine Dominance
  • Pay Per Click Dominance
  • Trade Show Opportunities
  • SEO and PPC Assistance
  • Website Asset Sharing
  • On-site Demo Truck Presentations

The 8th Wonder of the World

In the not-so-glamorous world of industrial marketing, the ErectaStep brand stands out, to say the least. The 8th Wonder concept clearly and creatively communicates ErecaStep’s value proposition and main selling points (MSP’s) while also developing a memorable brand among the splintered field of inferior products in the marketplace.

As part of our success, we’ve worked hard to master the search engine marketing space. (SEM) We’ve worked hard on search engine optimization (SEO) by harnessing over 15,000 keywords, enabling ErectaStep to dominate search engine results pages (SERP). Bottom line, if you search for anything related to metal stairs – ErectaStep is the first thing you’ll see, both on the organic results, but also in the paid section, or pay per click (PPC). This is key, when he who gets called first, is likely to get the sale. 

National TV Spots and Online videos

Targeting television reaches far more potential customers but requires a larger investment.
If you’re interested, please contact Jason Wilder to discuss this opportunity. 1-843 822-5100 

Meet The Marketing Team

We are here to support you and have prepared this section to download marketing and communication materials to assist in the sale of SafeRack products and services.

Jason Wilder
VP of Marketing Jwilder@red7agency.com

Tracy Mikulec
Director of Digital tmikulec@red7agency.com

“JC” Corn
Associate Creative Director

Xan Miller
Project Manager amiller@red7agency.com

Damon Simmons
Art Director dsimmons@red7agency.com


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